Kick off the school year with these fun worksheets and activities connecting technology to summer activities! 

My Summer Technology (Lower Elementary): Students will describe one technology they used this summer, then illustrate themselves using this technology.

My Summer Technology (Upper Elementary): Students will describe two technologies they used this summer, and the problems these technologies solved. Then, students will imagine their own summer technology to solve a unique problem!

Our Summer Technology (Lower & Upper Elementary): The class will list technologies used by students, allowing for discussion and a math extension.


STEM Rubric

Download our free STEM Rubric to help track your students' growth.

The qualitative criteria we recommend using to track growth are:

Application of Knowledge

  • Makes connections and transfers learning to other subjects and situations
  • Understands, applies, transfers abstract concepts
  • Applies problem-solving strategies
  • Demonstrates developed reasoning and critical thinking

Creative Thinking

  • Sees the familiar in different ways
  • Innovates original ideas
  • Is highly curious


  • Contributes to class discussions
  • Cooperates with group members and contributes fairly
  • Provides constructive feedback to classmates
  • Expresses ideas clearly to others


  • Demonstrates persistence 
  • Demonstrates self-reflection
  • Strives to make improvements to work
  • Exhibits focus on tasks
  • Explores, researches, questions ideas independently
Ongoing Observations.png

Ongoing Student OBservations

Download our free Ongoing Student Observation log to help keep track of student work and growth.